Variation data includes single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), insertion or deletion of bases (INDELs), structural variants (e.g., chromosomal inversions in Anopheles gambiae and Aedes aegypti) and microsatellites (i.e., A. aegypti data from the Powell lab at Yale University). Learn how to find variants in genes, regions and geographic locations, using the Genome Browser and the PopBio map. You can also use the Variant Effect Predictor (VEP) to analyze your own variation data for potential effects on genes or VectorBase Galaxy to call SNPs in your data.

The slide material concentrates on the variation data on VectorBase Genome Browser, with videos as demos and a sample data set (see sample files below) for the VEP tool. The pdf concentrates on the variation data on the VectorBase site wide search, including Advanced Search. Both documents also mention the use of the Population Biology (PopBio) map and browser.

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