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Gene identifiers or gene IDs (e.g., AGAP + 6 digit number)


Gene nomenclature for VectorBase organisms

How do different gene metadata, symbol (name) and description (function), works for the same gene?


What can BioMart do for me?


Here are some examples of what you can do with VectorBase's BioMart:

What are these AGAPxxx identifiers and where are the old ENSANGxxx IDs?


The annotation of the Anopheles gambiae genome has been undertaken by a number of groups since the PEST publication in 2002. Currently, VectorBase provides Apollo to all members of the community that would like to contribute with manual annotations. VectorBase assumed responsibility for integrating the users manual annotations submited via Apollo to the official

Rules and conventions for naming molluscan genes


Paraphrasing from the Zebrafish Book, Chapter 7, “It is very important that all members of the community adopt one set of conventions in order to minimize confusion and maximize the usefulness of the nomenclature and the ease with which everyone can follow the field”.

Rules and conventions for naming genetic features in mosquitoes (and other arthropod vectors)


NOTE: We encourage the mosquito community and other vector communities to follow these same rules. Most of the recommendations that follow are intended to simplify automatic computer searches and other such analyses.

1. Introduction

How to find a triad of BACs in situ images, divisions and photomaps?


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Why do VectorBase gene IDs change? (finding missing gene IDs)


Change is inevitable. As gene predictions are improved based on new evidence some will have a modified exon structure, new predictions will be created, old ones will be deleted, some will be split into multiple separate predictions and some will be merged together into a single new prediction. During this process the annotation identifiers can change.

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