Community manual annotation with Apollo (faqs)

Why don't you process gene names (symbol) and descriptions (functions) via Apollo?


We prefer to handle those separately. Use VectorBase Apollo is for gene structure modifications only. Please submit gene symbols (names), synonyms and descriptions for genes that have (or have not) been modified, typing the appropriate information in the "Gene Metadata" form following this link. If you are working with many genes and prefer a batch submission, follow this FAQ for directions.

Why don't you allow for gene deletions via Apollo?


We are always a bit weary of gene deletion and would rather not deal with them automatically.

If you inspected a gene and decided it has to be deleted, please use the "Delete Gene" form (following this link). By getting the information via this web form, we can check if the gene really needs to be deleted.

How do I submit a gene manual annotation with Apollo?


As explained in the Apollo tutorial, all the changes that you do to the gene model are automatically recorded, there are no "save and close" boxes or windows. We will collect the data directly from Apollo and update the species gene set.


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