Leptotrombidium deliense isolate UoL-UT collected from Berdmore's ground squirrels (Menetes berdmorei) captured in Udonthani Province, Thailand, in September 2015. BioSample record SAMN06473100.

UoL-UT represents an isolate from the wild, and is not a propagated laboratory strain. It was used for the generation of the VectorBase reference assembly LdelU1.


There are very few known human diseases that involve pathogens transmitted by mites; the most important is tsutsugamushi disease, or scrub typhus, caused by the bacterium (Orientia tsutsugamushi) that is transmitted by several members of the genus Leptotrombidium (Family Trombiculidae) in south eastern Asia, Australia and the pacific islands (Mullen and Durden, 2002).

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