An updated assembly was generated by the Laboratorio Nacional de Computacao Cientifica in Petropolis, Brazil. The whole genome shotgun assembly of Roche 454 sequences was accomplished using the Celera Assember. The assembly is estimated to be 175Mb in 13,857 contigs & 8,233 scaffolds. A subset of contigs and scaffolds was provided to VectorBase which represent this AdarC2 assembly version. Data is not currently available in GenBank.

Genome Size (bp): 
Scaffold N50 (bp): 
15 720 186
Scaffold count: 
2 161
Release date: 
Monday, December 9, 2013


Originally isolated from Brazil. The Coari strain of An. darling were collected from the shores of Lake Coari, close to the city of Coari in Amazonas State. This area has had a high malaria incidence reported over the past 15 year and entomological surveys suggest that transmission is almost exclusively via An. darling. Female mosquitoes were collected from the Santa Luzia Buiuçuzinho community approximately 20km from Coari. Gravid females were allowed to spawn and DNA extracted from 4th stage larvae.

Gene sets

25 Feb 2014
9 Dec 2013