The canu_80X_arrow2.2 assembly was derived from the Aedes albopictus C6/36 cell line sequences by the the J. Craig Venter Institute. The clone was sequenced to 80x coverage using PacBio to yield an assembly of 2.25Gbp composed of 2435 contigs with an N50 of 3.3Mbp.
Genome Size (bp): 
Scaffold N50 (bp): 
3 303 944
Scaffold count: 
2 435
Release date: 
Monday, January 9, 2017


The clone C6/36 was derived from A. albopictus cells as described by Igarashi A., Isolation of a Singh's Aedes albopictus cell clone sensitive to Dengue and Chikungunya viruses.( J. Gen. Virol. 40: 531-544, 1978. PubMed: 690610.) The cell line is used for the cultivation of flaviviruses, and is available from the ATCC collection (ATCC® CRL-1660™).