Postdoctoral research associate, Functional analysis of candidate disease resistance genes

Candidate will work in the laboratory of Dr. Michael Blouin to perform work on new NIH grant anticipated in Spring of 2019. The aim of this project is to identify genes in the snail, Biomphalaria glabrataSchistosoma mansoni, a major parasite of humans that is transmitted by this snail host ( We have mapped major QTL that control infection risk in laboratory populations of snails, and have annotated nearby candidate genes. The goal for this position is to functionally assess candidate genes for their role in resistance. The main approach will be gene knockdowns using RNAi, but may include CRISPR or other techniques. Once causal gene(s) are identified, work will focus on their mechanisms of action, including how they interact with parasite-derived molecules. The long-term goal of this research is to find ways to block transmission of schistosomiasis via interference with the snail host. Biomphalaria and Schistosoma form a well-studied, model host-parasite system with numerous available molecular and genomic resources and established laboratory protocols. We are looking for a creative individual who will also develop their own ideas using this system.

Corvallis, Oregon, is a medium-sized city, set in a beautiful area of the Pacific Northwest. It is well known for its high quality of life that includes a safe, progressive and intellectually vibrant community, and ready access to many outdoor recreational activities.

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Oregon State University (US)