Why do you reanalyze the microarray and RNAseq data?


We have developed (and are always looking at improving) a standardised analysis pipeline for microarray and RNAseq differential expression data in VectorBase. We use this in preference to the original authors' processed data for the following reasons:

  • we have a complete audit trail from raw data to final p-value
  • we can repeat/refine the analysis whenever we want.
  • data entry/curation is simplified
  • the authors' processed data is nearly always available from either
    • the publication's supplementary information
    • ArrayExpress
    • GEO
    • the authors

This strategy allows us to provide to you the expression report pages for each gene, in which you can see all the experiments tested for differential expression for your gene of interest or, discover the genes expressed under the experimental conditions of your interest, as in this example.