Whole genome


A karyotype, displayed in this page, is available for some species in Ensembl. Images are imported from various sources, depending on the species. Dark and light bands reflect heterochromatin and homochromatin staining.

Click on a location within the karyotype to zoom in to one specific chromosome, or a genomic region.

Statistics are shown below the karyotype, as follows:

  • Assembly - Version of the current genome. The source of the assembly can be found on the species index page.
  • Database version - The name of the database in this release.
  • Base pairs - The total number of base pairs in the genomic assembly (or the sum of all sequences in the dna table of the core database.) This includes haplotypic regions.
  • Golden path - The entire length, including gaps, of the genome. This is the sum of all top-level sequences in the seq_region table, omitting haplotypes.
  • Genebuild - The source, start and release dates of the geneset are shown, along with the date of recent updates.

For the remaining statistics, see this help page.

Add your own data to this display. Click on the manage your data link at the left. Upload a file in a supported format by clicking the browse button. Click the upload button. The next window may take some time to appear. Close the menu window when instructed.

Note: You will not see your data yet! Once the karyotype is shown, click the configure this page link at the left. Find uploaded data in the user attached data menu.