Which gene expression microarray data do you have in VectorBase?


There are two ways to view which microarrays are in VectorBase

  1. See the list of microarrays currently in VectorBase.
  2. VectorBase also provides support for track hubs as a way of sharing annotation over the internet. A list of public track hubs is available at the Trackhub Registry and can be searched from within the genome browser.
    • open the Genome Browser to the Location tab (example)
    • select the "Configure this page" option, then select the "personal data" tab at the top of this view
    • Configure this page

    • select the "search for public track hubs" option
    • enter the term "microarray" into the the search term input box and select search
    • You should see an entry "VectorBase microarray trackhub" for your species of interest - select the "Attach this hub" option
    • A dialog telling you that the hub has been successfully attached should appear, and you should see a "Configure this hub" link.
    • By default a subset of the available microarray tracks will be displayed, but the array you are interested in may not be turned on. Select the "Enable/disable all species microarrays" link or individually select which microarray experiments you want to display.
    • Track

    • When you have finished selecting tracks click on the tick symbol at the top right of the display and the view will be reconfigured to show the track data that you have selected