Where are the Culex EST libraries from


The Culex ESt libraries have been generated by several laboratories:

  • Janet Hemingway/Hilary Ranson, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK, made the normal libraries,
  • Bruce Christensen, University of Wisconsin, made the bacterial infected libraries,
  • Steve Higgs, University of Texas, made the West Nile virus infected libraries,
  • Parakrama Karunaratne (now at University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka) made the Filarial infected library at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK),
  • Peter Atkinson, University of California at Riverside, made the multi-stages library (pooled).

The libraries were sequenced by the Broad Institute and all the sequences were then submitted to dbEST.

Details of the multi-stages library:

  • egg rafts,
  • 1st instar larvae,
  • 2nd instar larvae,
  • 3rd instar larvae,
  • 4th instar larvae,
  • pupae,
  • 10 young females (1 week old, pre-bloodmeal),
  • young males (1 week old),
  • 10 old adult females (1 week old, post bloodmeal),
  • 10 adult males (1 week old).

Each life stage was extracted separately and sent to Invitrogen.

They pooled the samples so there was an equal representation of each life stage present.