What do I do with downloaded files ending with “.gz”?


Most of the “Data files” in the “Downloads” navigation tab (https://www.vectorbase.org/downloads), and the Generic Feature Format Version 3 (GFF3) files that you download from the Genome Browser end with “.gz”.

These files have been compressed with the gzip program to save space, and depending on your operating system, you can decompress the files with the following programs:

  • On a PC, you can download and install one of the following tools. After installing, you should be able to double-click on the file to open it.
  • On a Mac, just click to open it. Your computer should have the necessary software pre-installed.
  • On Linux/Unix, you should have gzip already installed. If not, install it using your variant’s package manager (i.e. ‘apt’, ‘yum’, etc). Then, from a command terminal, type: gzip –d yourfile.gz

Once you have “un-zipped” your file, it will no longer have the “.gz” extension on it.

Disclaimer: no third party software has been checked or endorsed by VectorBase – the software you chose is a matter of personal preference.