Is it possible to query for genes' pathway information? e.g., KEGG



KEGG is a database to understand high-level functions and utilities of biological systems, from molecular-level information. One of its data-oriented entry points is KEGG pathway, a collection of manually drawn pathway maps representing knowledge on the molecular interaction and reaction networks among proteins and other molecules. These curated pathways include six of our hosted genomes, these species are Aedes aegypti, Anopheles gambiae, Culex quinquefasciatus, Ixodes scapularis, Musca domestica and Pediculus humans.

If you do want to query our data here are the three possible access routes:

  • Navigate to a transcript page, in the left hand side menu click on 'General Identifiers'. e.g., AGAP004786
  • If you know the KEEG ID, type it in the search box using as prefix 'KEEG:', e.g., KEGG:aga00010
  • If you have a list of gene of interest use them as your 'filter' and select KEEG as the desired 'attributes' in Biomart, e.g., AGAP003030, AGAP004773, AGAP004786, AGAP010421 (if after following this link you you not see the expected hits click on 'Results')


ArthropodaCyc, a collection of databases dedicated to the arthropod metabolism reconstruction, has used seven VectorBase genomes for its network reconstructions, these species are Ae. aegypti, An. gambiae, Cx. quinquefasciatus, I. scapularis, P. humans and Rhodnius prolixus


If neither of the above resources has the pathway information for your organisms of interest, you can use a close/model species to find its orthologs, using VectorBase BioMart, HMMER and/or BLASTp. If you need help finding orthologs genes go to the tutorials or send us an email to