I just submitted my gene annotation. When will I see my submission incorporated in VectorBase?

  • VectorBase Apollo captures community gene annotations (i.e., corrections of gene structures) and other gene information such as metadata (for a few or group gene submissions), links your publications to the relevant gene(s) in the genome browser, allows gene deletions and repeat submissions too, follow this link for instructions.
  • Integration of these data with existing gene sets has greatly improved reference gene sets and has led to a new ‘patch’ build system that uses heuristics to merge manual and automated gene predictions to allow more frequent gene set updates.
  • Apollo allows for immediate display of the new gene models in the "User-created annotations track". In addition, all community manual annotation data are also made available as a track within VectorBase genome browser, but please note that this is a weekly update not inmidiate.
  • VectorBase Apollo

    VectorBase Genome Browser > location tab > Configure this page > Genes and transcripts > Apollo gene models: current Apollo annotation

  • A VectorBase curator will accumulate community submissions and make patches once a year or even less frequently, it all depends on the amount of submissions for each organism/genome.
  • Please contact us providing your organism or interest and gene location (i.e., chromosome, supercontig or scaffold and base pair range), and inquire about our schedule for the next gene set update/patch build release.
  • Permanent display in VectorBase: Once patch builds are performed the community is informed in our release notes, follow this link for an example of such an announcement: Release VB-2018-02.

After you submit a gene annotation the gene ID of that gene will change. Follow this link to learn Why do VectorBase gene IDs change and how to find them?