How to find a triad of BACs in situ images, divisions and photomaps?


Click on Advanced Search

Select the BACs domain, this has three subdomains, in situ images, photomaps, and divisions

For information about where these images are located in Anopheles gambiae chromosomes, please contact Dr. Maria V. Sharakhova ( in the Sharakhov lab.


If you go to a location in the genome browser, e.g., 2L:46523702-46773701, a 'BAC' track is available to activate selecting 'Configure this page' and 'Sequence and assembly'. This track will display in gray and represents in silico (i.e. computationally) alignments to chromosomes, these do not have images associated. There was an old “BAC map” track associated with images and you were able to use the BAC names, e.g., 27D19* (for in situ image and photomap) or *27D* (for the division image), in the site Search.