How to find a specific gene?


Four solutions:

  • Search box: type in the name of your gene in the search box - and click "Search". It might not always return anything as we only index the exact gene description. "Transformer-2" will return something, as well as "Transformer*", but "Transformer" won't.
  • Blast: for example get the sequence of this gene in Drosophila (in GenBank or FlyBase) and blast it against all the genes of your genome of interest.
  • HMMER: construct a multiple sequence alignment using ClustalW, click on "send results to HMMER", select "hmmsearch", select a dataset and click submit.
  • Orthologs: get the VectorBase ID for one of these genes in GenBank, search for this ID in VectorBase, and look for orthologs to this gene. Check the GeneTree to see the distance between the orthologs.