How do I retrieve GO annotations?


The easiest way to get all the GO mappings from any species is using BioMart. For example, follow these steps for Aedes aegypti genes.

  1. Go to the VectorBase BioMart
  2. Select "VectorBase genes" as the Database (CHOOSE DATABASE)
  3. Choose "Aedes aegypti genes (AaegL1)" as the Dataset (CHOOSE DATASET)
    That'll get you started with the Aedes genes.
    GO IDs are listed under attributes.
  4. Click on "Attributes" on the left.
  5. Click on the "EXTERNAL" Expansion plus sign.
  6. Check GO ID or GO Description, based on what you're interested in.
  7. Click on Results in the upper left- That'll give you all the GeneIDs and associated GO Terms.
  8. After the results are pulled up, you can export the data to file in a variety of formats.