How do I decide on a gene name (symbol)?


  • Gene names (symbols) are few letters (such as "W" for the white gene, "INR" for insulin receptor, "SRPN18" for serpin 18 in Anopheles) and should be unique for each gene.
  • Gene descriptions are the "spelt out" version of the name (symbol), so "white", "insulin receptor" or "serpin 18" respectively, and are also unique for each gene.
  • If you want to give a gene name (symbol), we recommend you pick up a meaningful one (e.g. "SRPN", for consistency with Anopheles) and since it's a gene family, add a number (e.g."SRPN11"). The gene description would be "serpin1".
  • Please follow this link for the FAQ "Rules and conventions for naming genetic features in mosquitoes (and other arthropod vectors)" for more details about this topic.