How do I batch submit annotation metadata to VectorBase?


If you are submitting in batch, e.g., when you are annotating a gene family, you can fill an spreadsheet (e.g., Excel), rather than the web form for one gene at the time. Once you are done please send the file to Use the following 12 columns headings in the spreadsheet:

  1. Timestamp: dd/mm/yyyy
  2. Species
  3. VectorBase gene ID: e.g, AGAP000002. In the absence of a VectorBase gene ID give scaffold and base pair coordinates, e.g. scaffold_1:1010-4549.
  4. Gene status: Use this section to confirm the gene structure, mark as a pseudogene or delete the prediction completely.
    • Approve gene structure
    • Set as pseudogene
    • Delete

    Justification: Indicate in a few words why you think this gene should be deleted/set as pseudogene or which evidences helped you decide its structure is correct (e.g. "Supported by RNA-seq data", "similarity with Drosophila protein XYZ")

  5. Gene symbol: Indicate the gene symbol. It should be short and unique to each gene (e.g. "SRPN18" for serpin18).
  6. Justification: Indicate in a few words how you've attributed this gene symbol (e.g. "Based on similarity to Drosophila Female sterile (2) Ketel (Fs(2)Ket) gene")

  7. Gene synonyms: Indicated any synonyms for the locus
  8. Description: If should be relatively short (e.g. "Serpin", "Ion channel receptor").
  9. Justification: Indicate in a few words how you've attributed this description (e.g. "Based on similarity to topless Drosophila gene")

  10. PubMed ID: e.g., 25510499
  11. Submitter Name
  12. Email
  13. Review: Use Review to state that the prediction is not correct but the submitter does not have enough information/time/inclination to correct it at this time, this can be a ToDo list for interested parties.
  14. Comments/Notes: Leave any other comments you have about this gene (e.g. "Truncated gene, other part on scaffold scfxxxxxx", split GMOY123456[1/2] or, merge GMOY123456-GMOY123457).