How do different gene metadata, symbol (name) and description (function), works for the same gene?


The gene metadata are symbol (name), e.g., rpl2 or gprop5 and description (function), e.g., ribosomal protein L2 or long wavelength sensitive opsin. The choice of a gene name where there are alternative transcripts with their own names is made on the basis of which is the 'best' name, where 'best' is a ranking of 'species-specific name resource' > SwissProt > other stuff. Where there are 2 transcript names with the same rank ... it's random.

Note that some genes (or multigene families) are confusing because some community gene models may have been named differently by different scientist/labs - these different gene names can be found in the synonyms section of the gene page.

More information about the rules and conventions for naming genetic features in mosquitoes (and other arthropod vectors);r=3R:32338771-32354233