Do you have any interaction data?


We are often asked if we stored interaction data, either interaction between protein, or, more often, interaction between a vector and a pathogen (E.g. Anopheles gambiae and Plasmodium falciparum). The answer is NO in both cases, mainly because there aren't that many data in these domains and we decided to focus on areas with more data available (gene annotation, gene expression).

Protein interaction and pathways

Protein interaction data can be obtained via an interaction archive database, such as IntAct or DIP, or even better, the IMEx Consortium.

Pathway data can be obtained at Reactome

If you have any biological data and you would like to submit them to one of the interaction or pathway databases, please do so.
They would be happy to curate them and integrate them to their resources.

Vector/pathogen interaction

Orthologs between Anopheles gambiae and Plasmodium falciparum can be obtained at EnsemblGenomes, in the Pan Compara.

You need to start with an Anopheles or a Plasmodium gene and search for its orthologs in the other genome.