Are the (genomes) gene sets experimentally validated?


No genes have been experimentally validated by VectorBase, but automatic predictions of the initial gene sets are done using two approaches:

  • Computational: ab initio and similarity methods
  • Experimental: RNA and protein sequencing methods

Available data has been different in the case of each one of the current 40 genomes we host, including EST, RNAseq, protein alignments, as well as data from more distant species. For details about each genome, we strongly encourage you to look for the genome paper for your species of interest.

For most of our Anopheles gambiae genes and a large number of Aedes aegypti genes, a VectorBase curator was in charge of manually check the gene models. Starting in 2013, we mainly relay on community manual annotation. Any such community annotation not yet incorporated into an updated gene set can be viewed in the Genome Browser (Location tab/Region in detail/Configure this page/Genes and transcripts/Current Apollo annotation) and in Apollo (track/user-created annotations).

In VectorBase Genome Browser, you can also add tracks to display protein alignments from other species, and experimental evidence with microarrays, RNAseq and mass spectrometry for the species of interest. You can use these tracks as experimental evidence to (indirectly) validate gene models.